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Exceptional flexibility. Outstanding performance. This seamless coil can be formed into gutters and downspouts that efficiently handle rainfall as part of a low-maintenance and color-coordinated rain removal system. For peace of mind, the material is backed by an industry-leading 20-year warranty.

color key
A5 .032": 5" Gutter Coil 1-side
A6 .032": 6" Gutter Coil 1-side
B5 .032": 5" Gutter Coil 2-side
B6 .032": 6" Gutter Coil 2-side*
C .019": 2" x 3" Downspout Coil
D .019": 3" x 4" Downspout Coil
E5 .027": 5" Gutter Coil 1-side
E6 .027": 6" Gutter Coil 1-side
F5 .027": 5" Gutter Coil 2-side

color swatch1

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