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leaf relief2At Superior Gutter Company, we believe owning a home should provide security and comfort rather than adding to your stress from worrying about weather damage from clogged gutters. With over eighteen years combined experience in installing and repairing gutter systems, we know exactly how valuable our seamless gutter systems with Leaf-Relief technology can be to the homeowner wanting to protect their valuable assets.

Most folks are hesitant about cleaning their gutters each year and for good reason. More than 28,000 people suffer from injuries falling off ladders in home cleaning projects. Combined with the steep pitch of roofs and the general mess of rotting vegetation and debris found inside uncleaned gutters and downspouts, it's no wonder folks tend to skip this yearly cleaning chore. 

Yet, NOT cleaning your gutters is really not an option with the amount of trees found in the Treasure Valley. Leaves left in your gutters make excellent drain-plugs. As few as a dozen leaves can completely clog your downspout. This creates excessive weight on your gutter system and with gutters overflowing with water, you run the risk of structural failure.

If your gutters do manage to stay attached to your house, the only place for the water to go in a clogged system is to overflow the sides. This often damages your fascia and soffits, which in turn, can produce wood-rot that leads to even more serious problems as water enters your home now damaging ceilings and walls. 

Two options to avoid costly water damage from clogged gutters: 

  1. Our friendly gutter install technicians will be happy to clean your gutters for you each fall, or as needed. If your budget doesn't include a yearly maintenance charge, then our second option below might be a better fit.
  2. Let us install a low-maintenance, durable gutter guard technology for long lasting protection.

Add our Leaf Relief gutter system to add further protection for your home from the savage elements - all season long, year after year.

leaf reliefWith our proven Leaf Relief guards installed, homeowners enjoy a proven solution that works around the clock. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing Superior Gutter Company's professional installed Leaf-Relief system is working 24/7 protecting your home by keeping debris out of your gutters, and letting water flow freely to where it needs to go.

Features of Leaf Relief

  • Virtually eliminates maintenance and keeps water flowing
    Patented Aluma-Perf technology keeps leaves, needles, seeds and twigs out and off gutters in normal wind conditions
  • Completely weather and best resistant
    Mounts securely and stays firmly in place to resist high winds, heavy amounts of snow and ice, ladder damage and pest invasion.
  • Exclusive, specially treated vinyl flap
    Formulated to resist UV light, mold and mildew and extreme weather conditions, this unique feature assures a perfect self-sealing fit.
  • Available in Aluminum or copper

Performance of Leaf Relief

  • Independent tests prove Leaf Relief by Ply Gem really works
    Proven 100" effective against small debris
  • Keeps out most leaves, twigs, pine needles and small debris from blocking your gutter.
  • Open water flow
    Handles up to 29.7 inches of rainfall per hour, based on the highest rainfall ever recorded (Holt, Mo., 1947 at 12")
  • Obstructed water flow
    Handles 19 inches of water per hour when covered by wet leaves (20 foot roof section). Still 1.5 times greater than world record.
  • Clearing of debris
    Most dry debris is cleared from surface with 6mph breeze. Wet debris can be removed with 23 mph wind.

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